private trust Lengersdorff - collection Miklós Németh

"The first time I came in contact with Miklós Németh’s art in 1996 I, as a long-time collector of Expressionist art, was instantly fascinated by the power of expression and impulsiveness of these paintings.

A fascination that has never let me go!


This comparatively young art reminds me of the German, as well as, the Austrian Expressionists. Always open to new things, I consequently took Miklós Németh’s post-expressive paintings immediately into my collection, and, I find reassurance therein, that his works are receiving more public acclaim and recognition through more and more publications and exhibitions.


The spontaneity with which the artist reduces his motifs to the essentials speaks to the beholder through their strikingly strong colours, thus making access to this art, not just for art connoisseurs, simple, as well as exciting.


My enthusiasm for this exceptional painter has continued until today and is shared by more and more people."



KR Dkfm. Peter Nikolaus Lengersdorff, September 2011

Peter N. Lengersdorff and Miklós Németh in the city museum St. Polten 

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