The Artist Miklós Németh - Biography of
"the Painter of the Volcano"


Miklós Németh at the private view in the "Stadtmuseum St. Pölten", 2008

Miklós Németh at the private view at the City Museum St. Polten, 2008

- 1934: Miklós Németh was born in Budapest
- 1950-1954: Studied at Ödön Márffy´s (1878-1959) School of Art
- Early acquaintance and collaboration with famous artists such as István Szönyi, Oszkár Glatz, János Kmetty and Ményhert Tóth
- 1957- 1980: Worked in various artists’ colonies in Hungary
- 1958: Married Ilona Benkö, painter, with whom he has three children
- Participated in international exhibitions (1971 Moscow, 1973 Dresden, 1975 Brno)
- Since 1981: Incorporated artist of the National Union for Hungarian Artists
- 1992: Elected member of the Hungarian Artists Society
- Most important individual exhibitions: Exhibition Hall Budapest 1981, Ernst-Museum 2000
- 2000: Death of wife Ilona
- 2006: Ilosvai István Varga Award from the town Szentendre
- Autumn 2008: Individual Exhibition in City Museum St. Pölten, Austria

- Death of the artist Miklós Németh on 23rd February 2012

Miklós Németh who had surrounded himself with well-known painters since his early days developed his own style and drew his themes from the base colour of his works.
Characterised by his passion and dynamic use of the paintbrush his work developed, using a strong range of colours, as well as his impulsive manner of working, rather than studying the subject and correcting it at a later stage.
As Németh rejected the socialist realism of his day, he focused essential styles and chose a rather objective notion of his preferred topics: nature studies, urban landscapes (in which people can be commonly found), the working human and the female body as well as portraits.
He derived his motifs from the garden of his parents' villa, located on the Buda side of Budapest which held flowers and fruit trees and a view of the mountains.
He especially liked to roam in nature, painting bridges, mountains and the Danube, his easel always at hand.
His pantheistic views as well as his use of colour are always reflected in his works.

Yet in his early career, Miklós Németh was driven by his own “inner” images and was  inspired by the imagery of cooling lava, referring to himself as the “Painter of the Volcanoe”.


Miklós Németh in his studio